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Content planning & development, video production

Lehman's is a world famous retail store in Ohio. They specialize in old fashioned "human-powered" items for the home, farm, or garden and are popular among homesteaders, people who live off the grid, and those nostalgic for days past. They have a wide variety of items available on site, on line, and through their yearly catalog. 

While out Christmas shopping an idea sprung to mind for creating a Christmas social campaign featuring Santa doing some after hours shopping at Lehman's. We filmed for one night, highlighting a few specific products for a long form YouTube video featuring Santa sneaking into Lehman's and picking up some things, then having a cookie and a Lehman's Root Beer before leaving a cheeky "North Pole" on Lehman's sign in board for visitors. 

All along we planned to make content with individual items featured in the shoot, as detailed below.

Creating a campaign - a breakdown

This is an example of a campaign created for social media. The same formula can be applied to interviews, manufacturing, and model information.

The full length video is broken into shorter pieces of content for sharing on social platforms. More graphic elements are introduced to provide information

1-minute versions are great for Instagram posts and product pages. Shorter form content such as 15-second and 30-second versions can be used for Youtube bumpers, television spots, and social media ads.

15 Second
Further follow-up content
30 Second
9x16 vertical for social

Directing - on site content capture including lighting, sound capture, video capture.

Audio post - mixing and mastering all audio

Video post - Edit, color grade, graphics

Asset management - retain assets for future use

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