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Recording, Mixing, Producing

As an audio engineer, I've worked with great artists and top brands recording and mixing audio for video as well artist music releases. I mix and master audio including dialogue for video, podcasts, sound design, and music for artists of all styles and genres.

Audio Services

Quality audio with no compromises or shortcuts


Studio Recording

I'm available to work out of studios anywhere. My home studio is not offering in-studio recording at this time.


Location Recording

I capture high end audio on location for video & music for clients like Taylor Guitars, working with artists like Jason Mraz, Daniel Donato, and more.


Mixing & Mastering

I offer full audio mixing, mastering, and audio restoration. Credits include Daniel Donato, Anthony Green, "I Know What Love Is" featuring Zac Brown, Jason Mark, KT Tunstall, Keith Goodwin and 54 artists from around the world, and more.


Podcasting is an incredibly valuable asset. I produce, record, and mix podcasts, and also offer location recording, consulting on best practices, and video capture for podcast sharing on YouTube and other platforms.


"I Know What Love Is (Because of You)" is a collaboration between 54 artists around the world. Written be Keith Goodwin (Days Away, Good Old War, The Sound of Animals Fighting) it was co-produced by Keith Goodwin, Jay Parkin, and Gabriel O'Brien. Gabriel also mixed the 207-track song and directed the music video


Equipment List

An abbreviated list


Shure SM57

Audio Technica AT4040

Audio Technica AT4050

Slate ML1

Slate ML2

Shure KSM44

Shure SM7b

Audio Technica 4080

Audio Technica 4081

Telefunken M60 FET (pair)

Sennheiser boom mics

+ many many more

Focal, JBL, KRK




Taylor 814ce DLX, Builder's Edition 517, 455e, 514ce, GT Urban Ash, NS34ce, Lowden O23, Fender Baja Tele, USA Strat, Danelectro U2


Bad Cat Cub IIIR 15w 



Taye Be-Bop set, various snares, Zildjian cymbals, LP and Remo congas, Djembes, hand percussion

Discography Playlist

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