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Petco videographer Snoop Dogg


Video production, editing, audio mixing, color grading

I began working with Petco's veterinary brand Vetco in the fall of 2022 to create content for their website and social media platforms. In early 2023, this morphed into several shoots for their main Petco brand. Petco partnered with artist and actor Snoop Dogg to film TV commercials and social media content in May of 2023. I was brought on to edit the social media content while the production company focused on the TV commercials.

These were shot on Sony Venice with Arri lenses. I edited all the content, built motion graphic elements, color graded, and mixed the audio for the social media campaign. This was a tight-deadline project that involved a lot of moving parts and a deep integration with Petco's internal marketing team. Various team members weighed in on the edits utilizing and their excellent platform for giving time-stamped notes on content.

More content

Creating a campaign - a breakdown

Petco has a strong inside marketing team, so my role was to take their initial ideas for each video and the content that was captured and translate those into video content. 3 long-form pieces were delivered along with a number of shorter vertical pieces for social channels.


Video post - Edit, color grade, graphics

Audio post - mixing and mastering all audio

Asset management - retain assets for future use

Vertical videos for social platforms
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