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Best of Ohio's Amish Country

Content planning & development, video production

Best of Ohio's Amish Country is group of area businesses dedicated to driving tourism. They originally started as a collective to help spread expensive print advertising costs and slowly morphed into a group with a large social following that holds events to benefit a local charity. Over the last several years I've been working with them to create content profiles for each business involved. Most of these companies are small local businesses and some don't have a dedicated marketing person, let alone a dedicated budget for video content. By utilizing the group's social media and web presence, they raise the profile of the group collectively and share production and editing costs.

BOAC also has holds events to benefit local charities. We provide support for the events ,website and social management, and write blog posts for the group.

Creating a campaign - a breakdown

The idea behind this campaign was to create bite sized segments and pepper them across social media platforms to educate visitors and drive awareness of what the area has to offer. 

We created slightly different edits and composed them in different aspect ratios to best reach viewers on multiple platforms and devices. Instagram and Facebook both reward square 1x1 and 4x5 aspect ratio content, so delivering in these formats along with the traditional 16xx9 format was key.

1x1 for Instagram
Further follow-up content

Directing - on site content capture including lighting, sound capture, video capture.

Audio post - mixing and mastering all audio

Video post - Edit, color grade, graphics

Asset management - retain assets for future use

Social management - manage and grow social channels

Website - design, manage

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