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Pre-Production to Post

I'm here to guide you through creating content every step of the way. From pre-production to capture, from post to deliverables, we'll create content you can be proud to use for years to come.

Music videos, video podcasts, interviews, brand overviews, I've seen it all. My focus is on deliverables and helping you maximize the use of the content we create across multiple platforms.


From production to color, we do it all here


Capturing great content takes planning, patience, great equipment, and a lot of know-how. Preparation makes post more efficient, so we will take the time to get it right, from lighting to audio capture on the shoot day.

Maggie door.JPG


Making compelling content and delivering it on time and on budget is what we do every day. Helping clients create campaigns across social channels to fill their content calendars is always a goal.

Bluebird-Camera C.jpg


While all my content comes finished, including full audio mixing and color, I also offer post services like color a la carte for companies and brands, including current customers like Taylor Guitars.



From lights to Dana dollies, cine lenses to boom mics, we have all the right equipment to capture any content you can think of. 

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